Why casual sex when you are drunk is a bad idea

One night stands are not unusual and especially when you are drunk, but is it really wise? Alcohol increases sex drive, but not the ability. Sex is something beautiful, sensitive and intimate you share with the one you love, or is it something you share with a casual guy you meet when you are drunk in the bar?.

If you think about it, it’s a bit strange that you choose to dress naked with a person you do not know, yet one night stands are not uncommon, and especially not when you are drunk. And there can be many reasons why.

You may want to have sex, you want girlfriend/boyfriend or need attention. Sometimes there is something that just happened in the moment, maybe you were a bit drunk and lack of judgment influenced you.

Because when influenced by alcohol, our judgment decreases, and thus the ability to make the best choices. Therefore, you can also change the occurrence of casual sex for the wrong reason. Maybe you can not set clear limits, you would not disappoint the other person, maybe it’s in exchange for something else. Sometimes you fall in love and think this is the way to go, or you may need body contact, and not necessarily sex.

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Casual sex can be a risky sport

If you have a one night stand rarely, there is no big deal. But if this has become your usual pattern when you go out to have a drink in the evening you can call it a riskport. Many have probably done this once or twice in their lives, there are also those who do it very often, but maybe not as many of them.

If you often get drunk and have sex without actually being fully aware of what you are doing then you expose yourself to certain risks. There is a risk of infection, pregnancy and you are involved in sexual activity that you may regret afterwards.

It is not always the sex that is the problem, but rather the alcohol intake. Because in the affected state it is easier that we do things that we would not do in sober condition. For example, dropping contraception.

Some people may think that it’s a problem to introduce the idea of ​​condom, and the rush does not make easier. If you’re drunk and not in control, it’s easy to drop.

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Women can often regret one night stands

Now you should lift your index finger and tell people what they can and can not do with their own body and sexuality. It is up to each individual. Casual sex does not have to be negative, it depends, of course, on what you feel about it.

The experience of having one night stands is individual, for some, it is a method of exploring themselves and their own sexuality. If casual sex is perceived to be positive to you, as something you own and chose to do to really enjoy yourself and a partner, then this can be a strength.

However, if this casueal sex is not perceived positively, it is a completely different matter. If you wake up with proper hangover and regret what you have done in the evening, I would say that this is not a good starting point for the view on yourself. It is also not a good starting point for your borderline. The result can be limitlessness, uncertainty and sexually transmitted infections. Research actually shows that women more often regret one night stands than men do. Perhaps especially since casual sex rarely is particularly magical.

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Alcohol makes it difficult to get an orgasm

The sex drive happily grows with every wine glass up to a certain point, and when you suddenly think that the attractive guy in the bar you would like to see naked, you have completely forgotten that casual sex often sucks.

Sexually speaking, drugs increase the desire, but not the ability. You will not always be able to get what you want. Men can have erection problems, women can have lubrication problems, and both sexes may have trouble getting orgasm.

Women ho struggle to get an orgasm during sex, drinking alcohol will make it even harder. When you look at it you can wonder why you’re bothering at all? The truth is that alcohol also has a different effect on us, an effect that we can often appreciate.

Some feel that they do get more easy going when they drink alcohol. Then it becomes easier for them to get loose, easier to dress naked and easier to be intimate.

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