Why do i have period twice a month?

Why do i have period twice a month? The menstrual cycle of women occurs from the onset of puberty (between 10 and 12 years approximately) until menopause (between 45 and 55 years or so). The lining of the uterus is detached through vaginal bleeding which means that the woman who has the period is in fertile period. The menstrual period lasts between 2 and 7 days and as a period when it is a normal menstrual cycle it usually occurs approximately every 28 days, although within 24 – 26 and up to 35 days it is usually considered normal. But if you have period twice a month, discover why.

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Why do i have period twice a month?

First of all, you should keep in mind that if you have had the period twice in a month, besides being irregular it is something abnormal. It is advisable to go to your doctor, since you may suffer from anemia because of having the menstruation too close to each other. In addition, having two periods can be a sign of infection or a health problem that may require medical attention and some type of treatment. It is important that you control your cycles to be aware of how often you have the period. Do not hesitate to see a doctor if the disorders continue.

These are some of the factors that can cause you to have more than one menstruation each month.

If you have your period twice a month, it may be because of the menstrual cycle. First, you should bear in mind that menstrual cycles may not be of an exact month, so if you have a shorter cycle, 28 days for example, so you can put two together in the same month. The menstruation could come at the beginning of the month and in the final days.

  • An alteration of hormones can affect your period
    Hormones can be altered for many reasons, such as: If you gain or lose weight quickly and without medical control, it is possible that your body’s hormones change and that causes you to bring your monthly period twice a month. Excessive exercise can also alter hormones, as well as the use of contraceptive methods.
  • If you have just started taking the contraceptive pill
    During the first months after starting this contraceptive method, menstruation may suffer from some mismatches. For example, there are women who experience some type of discharge in the middle of the cycle. If this persists for some time, you should see a professional to review the treatment.
  • Your period can be varied by stress
    If you have an unstable emotional state due to stress, of extreme sadness due to family or economic worries, for the mourning of someone you love, if you have depression or anxiety… all these can also cause changes in your menstrual cycle and bring you down two times in the same month or that the opposite happens and that it does not go down in some time.
  • Due to health problems or taking medications
    There are some medications that can affect your menstrual cycle, so it will be necessary to talk with your doctor to know the effects that may have on your period. In addition, there may be some health problems that affect your period such as uterine problems, Sexually Transmitted Diseases -STD-, thyroid problems or reactions to contraceptive methods.
  • If you have an unbalanced thyroid
    If having the decompensated thyroid can cause certain imbalances in menstruation, among them, that your period comes twice a month.

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