Why does men wake up with an erection every morning?

Why does men wake up with an erection every morning? Is morning erection normal? The first thing we have to say is that not only is it normal but it is a symptom of good health for men, so we banish absurd ideas that link this fact with only sexual themes and let’s light up this phenomenon with the help of experts.

For some women this morning erection can surprise them and even make them uncomfortable and, for some men, they may be embarrassed or laughing when their partner notices this erection, but what if we tell you that this circumstance has nothing to do with erotic dreams as some believe? What if we explain you that it is more related to physiological things?

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What is an erection?

An erection starts in your brain. Something you saw, felt, smelled, heard, or thought makes your nerves send chemical messages to the blood vessels in your penis. The arteries relax and open up to let more blood to flow in; at the same time, the veins close up. Once blood is in the penis, pressure traps it within the corpora cavernosa. Your penis expands and holds the erection.

When the inflow of blood stops and the veins open, penis becomes soft.

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What is ejaculation?

When you’re aroused, tubes called the vas deferens squeeze sperm from the testes toward the back of the urethra. The seminal vesicles also release fluid there.

The urethra senses the sperm and fluid mixture. Then, at the height of sexual excitement, it sends signals to your spinal cord, which in turn sends signals to the muscles at the base of your penis. These contract powerfully and quickly, every 0.8 seconds. This forces the semen out of the penis as you climax.

Why does men get erection every morning?

The morning erections, more clinically called “nocturnal penile tumescence”, are, according to the sexologist Diana Sánchez, “those erections that occur during the night and sometimes continue as soon as they get up. Many cases also occur in older men and if they do not occur they can be a warning signal that maybe there is some type of problem or sexual dysfunction “.

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The cause is purely physical and happens because during sleep a relaxation of the muscles of the corpora cavernosa (let’s make the analogy that they are sponges) and of the penile arteries. This causes a greater flow of blood and oxygen to enter these sponges, causing the penis to increase in size and an erection to occur.

“Despite popular beliefs,” explains the sexologist, “the morning erection does not respond to sexual arousal, sometimes even has to do with having an erotic dream or something similar.” In fact, often associated with the couple, but it is not true that it occurs in the presence of this because, in fact, it also happens without the presence of anyone beside man. ”

Finally, it should be noted that the morning erection has a function: it is precisely a “maintenance task”, that is, this erection helps to produce an activation and a necessary irrigation of the male genital area and better functioning.

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