Women get as quick sexually excited as men

Researchers at McGill University have used temperature cameras for the first time to measure sexual excitement in humans. Previously, researchers have used equipment that has in different ways been in contact with the genitals of the test subjects, but in the new study, heat-sensitive cameras were used with technology of the same type found in night vision goggles.

When we compare sexual excitement in women and men, we see that there is no difference in how long fresh, young men and women are getting excited, says professor Irv Binik, ScienceDaily.

The women and men who participated in the study first saw a series of movie clips, ranging from Mr. Bean to porn, so that researchers could create a set of basic data. Afterwards, they were allowed to see sexually explicit films for the purpose of measuring the excitement. Both men and women showed signs of excitement within 30 seconds – so there was no difference between the sexes as to how quickly the excitement started. The men used average 664.6 seconds to be completely excited while the women used 743. This difference in time is so small that it is statistically considered to be insignificant.

PhD student Tuuli Kukkonen, who worked with Bikin in connection with the study, believes that the results of the research may be useful in the work of understanding sexual dysfunction in women, including lack of excitement.

Take your sexual excitement to the next level

When you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, and when you’re in a good relationship, your sex drive is bound to be better than when you’re not. But there ar ways to get it even better.

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